“Amsterdam attempts to stem its tourist flood and regain its soul”

To add to the previous link about Airbnb and – to some extent – Amsterdam:

In addition to a recent agreement with Airbnb to restrict the length of time that people can rent out their homes to 60 days, city officials also want to cut back on opening hours and reduce the number of shops that cater explicitly to tourists, such as those selling cheese, Nutella and waffles. Another plan is to prevent tour buses having access to the city center and move the cruise ship terminal to another part of town.

Source: Amsterdam attempts to stem its tourist flood and regain its soul – POLITICO

It’s just marginally better than shouting “F*CK OFF, TOURISTS!” Why not incentivise other options within the Netherlands, rather than annoying and frustrating those who only visit Amsterdam?

Not that I don’t get tired and annoyed by the endless stream of Nutella-shops, but as soon as the money dries up, we’ll probably get people complaining about there not being enough tourists. Taking the pressure off Amsterdam could help in that respect. It’s not as if the country is too big for it.