Brutalism in your browser

So, you’ve handwritten your website code, but it looks polished? Unfortunately, you can’t get away with a beautiful website and call it “brutalism”, if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it. You’re going to have to accept that your website might be called “ugly” by some.

Think big, bold blocks of web safe colors, gradients, large amounts of “white space” (though it doesn’t have to be white) and you’re on the right track.

Source: Brutalism: The ‘ugly’ web design trend taking over the internet – Envato – Medium

For every movement there’s a counter-movement, so I’m not completely surprised at “web brutalism” finding its supporters. After the minimal pixel trend at the start of the century, followed by a long-winded trek towards skeuomorphism and a deadly dance with flat design, it feels only natural for brutalism to take a shot.

With everything so utterly confined in cards, confinement itself is redefined and broken where needed. Once more: to know the rules and know when to break them. Like the architectural movement it’s unapologetic and taps into the idea of emphasizing character. Something that’s sorely needed when things like Material Design started becoming a template rather than inspiration; draining branding from anything that adheres too strictly to its guidelines.

I’m also quite happy it’s happening at all. The essence of GeoCities might have found a new home at Tumblr, but the Web itself has become a bit too uniform as of late. It’s time again for some brutal noise.

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