Good software

This is a living article where I document software I use on a daily basis to get stuff done. It’s a personal selection (so YMMV) but at the same time it can be hell to find something that works, so try them out and see what works for you!

Affinity Photo (macOS/Windows)

If you need to edit graphics and find Adobe Photoshop to be both overkill in functionality and price (and GIMP impossible to work with), Affinity Photo will be your saviour. It feels familiar to use and is very affordable.

Download (‚ā¨49,99)

Airmail (macOS)

The best e-mail app for macOS. Connects all accounts, presents them clearly and has a ton of options for identity management. Bonus if you use iOS: it also syncs accounts and settings between macOS and iOS apps.

Download ($9.99)

Atom (macOS/Windows)

A clean, open source text editor running on Electron. For if you need way more than Notepad. ūüôā

Download (free)

Couleurs (macOS)

A colour picker for macOS, Couleurs is great as it remembers the last five selected colours and allows you to easily copy the colour values¬†associated with it. Better than Apple’s own solution.

Download (free)

f.lux (macOS/Windows)

This little app changes the colour temperature of your screen according to the rising and setting of the sun. It’s a boon for your eyes and helps mitigate the full blast of a bright white screen at night.

Download (free)

FreeMind (macOS/Windows)

FreeMind isn’t exactly the prettiest mindmapping software out there, but it’s free and works very well. I’ve mapped out many a ¬†project in its nodes and it feels comfortable to be able to wrangle large amount of data in this way.

Download (free)

Mailbird (Windows)

Outlook is horrible. And Windows 10’s Mail application is too bare-bones. What to do? Get Mailbird. Allows for multiple accounts, multiple views, unified inbox and generally a great email experience on Windows.

Download (free/‚ā¨45)

Mischief (macOS/Windows)

If you’ve got a stylus, you need Mischief. It’s an infinite canvas to draw, doodle and sketch upon. It also allows for a transparency function if you need to trace a digital image.

Download (free/$25)

Pixie (Windows)

A proper colour picker on Windows isn’t exactly¬†in its toolkit, so Pixie is a great solution. Run it and point your cursor at the colour in question to find out its values. You can copy and magnify with shortcuts.

Download (free) (macOS/Windows)

A good no-frills Markdown editor that also works on Windows. MacOS users might have other alternatives, but on Windows this is the one you want.

Download ($19)