Goodreads review • Making Sense of Color Management

Making Sense of Color ManagementMaking Sense of Color Management by Craig Hockenberry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s a problem with Making Sense of Color Management. After reading it, you won’t necessarily feel better about the subject. In all seriousness, you might even despair a bit more having looked into a pocket dimension you could’ve done blissfully without.

However, Making Sense does give you some yardsticks to cling unto for hope. If you’ve ever run into the problem of graphics and web colours not matching up, or wondering why photos look ‘different’, this is what you need. Comes recommended if you work with digital graphics.

Unfortunately, it’s not a wholehearted recommendation as Making Sense assumes you are working on Apple hardware. If you work with anything else, this book will give you some rough basics. It feels like a missed opportunity to not turn this text into a more universal resource, but maybe that’s just nitpicking. Get it anyway.

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