Goodreads review • Redemption

Redemption (Infinity Blade, #2)Redemption by Brandon Sanderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Infinity Blade can be a silly iPad game as it blends sci-fi and fantasy elements and creates a story around it that feels convoluted. It’s only when you start to read the books, that it kind of makes sense and actually instills a sense of wonder towards the games as well. Retroactively making them better (and reinstall them).

Redemption is the second novella which makes it very confusing to read. Whereas the first mixed the events of the first game with events from in-between the first and second games, this story starts after the events of the second game. It really expects you to be up to speed already, making it very hard to get into.

Other than that, it is wonderful to see Sanderson have fun with this world, building on the concepts and ideas and fleshing them out into a fully functioning society. Well, OK, maybe not fully functioning. The novella size means a lot of shortcuts are made and at times you expect to uncover more detail only to hit a wall. This can make it feel a bit forced at times, schlock-ish even. But it’s the right kind of schlock that fits the games and their world. Just have fun with it.

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