Goodreads review • Transformers: Lost Light #1

Transformers: Lost Light #1Transformers: Lost Light #1 by James Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

By now Roberts has completely reshaped the concept of what Transformers should be. What started as a toy fuelled battle between good and evil is now an in-depth commentary on social, cultural and political affairs with a dash of soap opera added for good measure. Oh, and the inclusion of gay robots in space; what could’ve been tacky is instead one of the most thoughtful well-formed inclusions available.

Lost Light continues from this base laid down by predecessor More Than Meets The Eye and the first issue feels like a short recap of all the elements that led to this point. Even adding some new cast members, that nonetheless feel immediately at home. It ends on a grand reveal that does require a bit of knowledge of what happened previously, but sets up the new series for even more of those affairs previously mentioned. If you pick up on it, it’s glorious. If not, there’s simply a very ominous sign being dangled in front of you.

It feels a bit weird to ‘review’ this individual issue as this text is now turning into a review of the entire concept of More Than Meets The Eye/Lost Light. But please indulge me. The series has redefined my idea of what comics can be and (sadly) makes other series look tame and superficial by comparison. If you lost hope because of the “Bayformers” films, if you’re done with superpowers being the main attraction, if you want to read about life rather than toys, this is for you.

But it helps if you like the toys as well.

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