Long-term stress erodes memory

Sustained stress erodes memory, and the immune system plays a key role in the cognitive impairment, according to a new study from researchers at The Ohio State University.The work in mice could one day lead to treatment for repeated, long-term mental assault such as that sustained by bullyin

Source: Long-term stress erodes memory – Science Bulletin

It sounds logical when you think about it, but it could also potentially explain why children from low-income households may have more difficulty in escaping from their “roots”, so to speak. If your cognitive functions are impaired by stress generated by a not so stable environment, education itself becomes a mighty challenge.

The study points toward short-term memory being affected. I’d say that makes it particularly hard on students trying to get to grips with a subject, while the rest of the more “stable” students may already master it in a shorter period of time. The prolonged repetition needed for those stressful students is then regarded as a problem, adding fuel to the fire and establishing a catch-22 situation.